Shipping policy


How to Prepare for Your HOME Furniture Delivery

A little preparation and planning before your furniture is delivered can help prevent accidental damage to your home and goods as well as injury to people or pet.

Remember the furniture you ordered is oversized , extremely heavy and therefore additional care needs to be implemented .

There is a number of steps we advise customers to go through just before our Home Delivery Team arrive, this includes preparing your home and clearing obstacles that may block our delivery team's path.




  •  Ensure that access to your home is safe for delivery team to carry your furniture. Under the Health and Safety Act delivery contractors are able to refuse delivery of goods if they believe it to put them at risk of injury. It is important to ensure that someone familiar with the layout of your home is available to accept the delivery ( age 18+
  • Keep your driveway and entrance clear and free of all hazards particularly if any renovations have been ongoing . All loose rubble should be removed to clear a path for 2-3 men delivery team.
  • Move any obstacles between the road and your front door. This can include moving any vehicles that may be parked, clearing walkways/driveways or moving building materials.  You should pre-advise the store if there are possible hazards that may cause an accident so they can advise you of the appropriate action to be taken prior to your delivery date
  • Reposition existing furniture before the delivery truck arrives, as delivery contractors are unable to assist with re-arrangement of furniture.
  • Remove objects such as loose rugs, lamps, pictures, ornaments, toys, pot plants etc. along the delivery route which may impede delivery or cause damage.
  • Protect your floor, as the Health and Safety Act prevents carriers from removing their shoes while carrying furniture.
  • Pre advise us if any items have to be carried up stairs . Measure your access if your purchase is over normal height of 150 cm or over 25 kg .
  • Keep children safely away from the delivery path.
  • Keep pets safely away during delivery, so that they don't escape or become a hazard to the delivery team.
  • It is the responsibility of the home owner to ensure the safety of the delivery team and their property by following these guide lines and must take all reasonable care to avoid and prevent accidents


Check Path from Street to Room:To ensure that your home will be accessible by our Home Delivery Team we advise our customers to walk the path that our delivery team will take with your furniture items to the destined room and have your measuring tape with you to take a few simple measurements.


Don't Forget!

  • Measure entryways/front door(s) to ensure that your furniture will fit into your home.
  • Measure any elevators (if applicable) and ensure that you make a note of any railings/light fixtures that may be in the lift.

And now you should be all set for your delivery to arrive! How exciting!

We open and install all furniture and take away the cardboard at the point of delivery therefore we cannot accept any responsibility if your contractors are still on site on the day of delivery and we are not allowed to carry out this essential service .



Be mindful of light fittings, overhanging electrical cables and other fixtures, point these out to your delivery team.  

Show the team where the furniture is to be placed and the best path to get there as this may not be the most direct path.

Please note that delivery contractors work to a tight schedule and are not permitted to add on services at the time of delivery.